Moments With Marti

Monday, November 28, 2016, 07:56 AM
Because I learn my best lessons from life,
I want to share this one with you, taught to me by God and
through my three year old grandson, Jordan...



After way too many days of below freezing temps, we were finally blessed with a "warm" day.  Only 40 degrees, but bundled up, my grandson, "Jordan" and I went outside for a celebration of "warmer weather" walk.
As we headed out to the pasture, and headed up a rise, I could see the tractor parked in the back hay meadow.... I told Jordan, "look at the tractor", but he didn't see it.  As we continued walking I asked him, "can you see it now?"  "Nope"......he still could not see it, yet there it was in plain sight.....
I stooped down to his level to point it out and sure enough, I could not see it either from "where he was".
As we continued to walk, the tractor finally comes into Jordan's view....the big smile on his face said it all.....  while I was able to see the tractor long before he was, it's like I was able to see the whole picture, and in due time Jordan was able to see it as well.....
God see the whole picture in our lives as well.  He sees what's over the hill before we can...  Our life comes into His view before we even experience it.  But, as we walk; as we keep our focus on God, we too will smile when we view the "other side" of the hill.....
Yes, indeed, God "does" see the "whole" picture....
Jeremiah 29:11-13

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