A Different View

This morning I rode my horse on the land across from our home. For years I have driven past that same field on my way to work. That same field with cattle grazing and the creek that overflows with every spring rain. I have always been familiar with the houses and the barns; the creeks and the trees. Everything in its place….just as it has always been from my earliest memories until now. Today I rode to the far back of this land, to the other side of the hills. I came up to a pond and then I saw some buildings that I didn’t recognize. For a moment I had lost my bearings and thought that perhaps I had somehow crossed over to someone else’s land. The closer I rode to the buildings I soon realized that they were the same buildings that I had known for all these years. I just never saw them from this viewpoint. Everything was the same as it had always been…they had not moved or changed, but “I” had. Immediately I thought about my relationship with God. He is always the same, He never changes nor does He ever move away from His children. I wondered, ”is my relationship with Jesus so weak that I wouldn’t recognize Him in a way I was not used to seeing Him?” I tend to say that Jesus is like this or like that, but the bottom line is, He is everything.. He does not fit into a mold. Where do you see Jesus? Do you recognize Him when He is working in your life? Or, do you try to limit His activity by expecting Him to only appear a certain way? Hmmm….I wonder...…would we recognize Jesus if we were to see Him from a different view? © LBG Ministries 2001sample content, you can replace it with your own text and images.
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